Experience the Power of Listening

“Can You Hear Me Now”
Author: Dallas Demmitt, PH.D and Nancy Demmitt. M.C

I actually had the honor and pleasure of being a part of a few Skype calls with Dallas. Dallas was personally teaching a friend of mine, Casey. Casey invited me to be a part of it and Dallas accepted me being on the call with them. It was the three of us, Dallas, Casey and myself on the call and to be honest I was a little confused at first.

My friend Casey shared very little about what the call was about but assured me that I would benefit from it and that Dallas was very wise and had a lot powerful tools and insights to share. Therefore I didn’t really understand what it was about and imagine it would be me listening to this wise man teach.

As we started the call Casey introduced Dallas and we started to get to know each other. Dallas shared that he helps people and businesses to grow and be more productive through the art of listening and communication. When he began to share the things he does I went quiet and just listened. I was honored to be invited on these calls and was there to receive and listen. But I quickly found out that me just listening was not what they invited me for. As they talked they would continue to stop and ask me what I thought, ask me what I heard and what I understood. I would share and go quiet again. Then quickly they would stop talking and ask me again. Then I understood!!! I had that “Aha!” moment and saw that this was actually the point of this call. Dallas called it, “the gift of listening”.

This meant that after they shared something they expected me to give them this “gift” which was to interrupt and share what I heard and understood them saying. This was not just a teaching lesson where I sit and listen to the teaching but rather an encounter with the actually teaching, it was about DOING and experiencing it. This experience makes you really be present and listen to what they are saying because you knew that they were going to soon ask you what you heard. They would expect the “gift” of interruption so I can show them I heard their hearts in what they said. This really open my eyes to the power of listening and how to be more intentional.

What a great tool I learned and now teach to others. That experience as rich with insights and I am very thankful for that opportunity to learn from Dallas. I recommend this book, “Can you Hear Me now?”

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert