How to Behave Within Society and With Family

“The Art of Living and Social Courtesy”
Author: Gaby Vargas

On many occasions I have been asked how one should dress for a job interview, how to impress a client with your attitude, how to dress for certain events, how to select dinner and drinks from a foreign restaurant, how they can arrange business trips that their clients will never forget. Above all i receive a lot of questions about how to behave in society and with family, and today I have a great recommendation for all of you : “El arte de convivir y la cortesía social”. “the art of living and social courtesy.”


Socializing is an important part of the development of any person and the way we communicate, express ourselves and talk, is the way in which we will receive acceptance of our social circle, whether it be at work or with our loved ones.

“El Arte de convivir y la cortesía social” is a book that can help you learn how to communicate assertively with people and especially teach you to be courteous, as it is essential in all acts of our life, so says the saying: “In asking, is giving”.

Politeness helps us to demonstrate our human qualities and helps us maintain an excellent relationship with others. That is why Gaby Vargas offers the keys to achieve fulfillment in our social relations through education.

Among the topics you can find you are: the foundations of courtesy in a relationship; how to dress properly for various celebrations; the importance of good manners and impeccable presentation; the most important aspects of family courtesy, among many others.

If you want to know the keys to success in your social relationships, then you should definitely read this book!

Adriana Gallardo