Recognize Your Gifts and Learn to Share Them With the World

“The Gift in You”
Author: Caroline Leaf

I use to really hate reading! Ha! I mean I avoided it at all cost until I turned 25 years old. I realized something… the people who write these books go through years of experience and research and put it all into a book that I can read within a week. I can gain the knowledge, understanding and wisdom from years of struggles in only a few days. When I got this realization I saw that reading books that will help me grow as a person as very valuable and not read everyday. Reading truly has changed my life and has benefited my life’s experience.

This book called “The Gift in You” was awesome. I have done many studies on our gifts and talents and how to utilize them fully. This book brings practical insights along with the scientific insight of the brain. I really enjoy the read. It shared how to understand that you are uniquely gifted and reveals how your gifts work. I think is it’s so important to not only know your gifs but to learn how to live our gifts. We must recognize the gifts blockers so that we can overcome them and rise up into our full potential. I really enjoy book that not only help my personally but give me information and tools that I can help others with. I recommend this book.

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert