Your Inward Reality Will Define Your Outward Reality

A human being is an amazing complex unit. When thinking about our health and happiness we should not begin to divide ourselves into parts because each part does not function independently. Each part of our body functions together in harmony as a whole unit. As I get more into this topic understand for teachings sake I will teach about the different parts of our being in “boxes” so that we can gain a clearer understanding of our being as a whole.

What is the Body?

First understand that we are spiritual beings. We live in a body and we possess a soul but the real person inside of us is our spirit. Our soul consists of our mind, emotions and will but our bodies are obviously what we live in while we are here on earth. Our physical body houses our spirit & soul; it’s the ‘vehicle’ for our spirit and soul.

What is the Spirit?

Our Spirit is the ‘child’ of The Creator. Our spirit is the essence of ourselves. It represents our spiritual will and decisions &/or our urgency to make known who we are, and to love and nurture others. Our spirit is housed in a series of ‘bodies’ or ‘vehicles’, which, is our body and soul.

Quick Practical Tip

Healthy thoughts help to create healthy emotions. Having both healthy thoughts & healthy emotions will produce healthy actions. All this equals success & happiness in your life!

What is the Soul?

Our soul is our mind, emotions & will. Our soul is the ‘vehicle’ for the Spirit. Our soul expresses our moral values through our beliefs, words, actions, ideals, conscience, and intuition. Our soul is where are core values are established. Our soul is the ‘child’ of our Spirit

Now I will get a little deeper into our what our “Soul” is.

Our soul is our mind, emotions & will.


Our brain processes info, makes decisions & sends millions of impulses through our nervous system everyday. Our brain decides how warm to keep our body, how much food to digest, where to send more blood etc. There is a process with what’s going on in the spirit & soul. The spirit & soul are influencing our thought process & the brain is influencing what is happening in the spirit/soul. It is the spirit within a man, which illuminates his being & reveals thoughts. It’s helpful to keep in mind the function of the spirit in enabling a person to think. The spirit is the energy quickening the mind. Again the point is that the entire person-spirit, soul & body is involved on ones thinking process.


We cannot assign emotions only to our soul. Our physical bodies also show emotional responses. Changes in our bodies can even be measured as emotions are aroused. We can have emotional turmoil within the soul, and also sadness in our spirit. We can have joy coming from our spirit while we can also have joy within our soul. We can be troubled in our spirit and can be grieved in our soul. Therefore emotions cannot be assigned to only one part of our being but rather that they are rooted throughout.

Examples: If you put an anti-depressant drug into your bloodstream your entire being will be affected. Other drugs can also cause sexual passions. One part affects the whole.

The Will

Where is a person’s will located? The will of persons permeates the entire being.

You can make conscious decisions at the level of your spirit not to sleep. However, the demands of the physically body will eventually overrule your conscious decision from your mind. How about breathing? You are capable of making a conscious decision right now to stop breathing. In that case, your/spirit to some degree is ruling over the natural governing processes of your body. However, you cannot hold your breath too long. You will lose consciousness & your physical body will overrule. Your physically body has some degree of control over your conscious decisions. Also, many drugs are so powerful that a persons thoughts & actions can be controlled by them. This shows us that the soul/spirit does not have a free will independent of the body. Again, we can conclude that the will of individuals involves & permeates the whole person.

As you can see we human are complex units. Each part of our body functions together in harmony as a whole unit. We must learn to look at ourselves as a whole unit in order to achieve and maintain a greater level of health and happiness in our lives.