The change you want and the one you don’t wish both give us pain or celebration, change is and will always be a part of our lives, for some people this can be scary because they have been educated to achieve stability and routine.

Whenever there is a change the first thing we feel is resistance to it, we do not want to change, we oppose because of the fear to the unknown, the challenge out of our area of control or comfort as we want to call it !, feel you away from what you know to get closer to what you do not know and then, you start to create resistance and distrust of the promoter of change.

Change will continue in spite of you, then it is better to accept the idea and you fit in the most natural way, if you keep complaining, stuck and held on to what you know and control, it is like trying to swim against the current and simply “you will  burnout”. And be careful with the next question,  is this going to stop the change? it’s not, is it? Because it is illogical to fight and to hold on to something you can not control.

I invite you to perceive change as a challenge to give the best of you, I value it as the energy that allows you to evolve, improve and develop new skills, do not let your mind betray you or limit you, you can enter the change as a victim or as victorious, “you decide”.

Our resilience is amazing, have hope and a positive outlook, life is full of changes learn to face them and make the best of each. Try and continue.

 Adriana Gallardo