Everywhere I see and hear, “San Bernardino Shooting…”

Wow… what a tragedy. I can’t imagine being there to experience such a terrifying thing. I can’t imagine having my child, my father, my mother, someone I love being one of the people in that building on that day. It truly breaks my heart to think of the impact this made on many people lives.

I see and hear of death in Africa. I recently was contacted and told how a good friend of mine just died from sickness and how his family is left with a high medical bill. I hear how buildings are being burned along with the people in it due to a tribe and/or belief differences. I hear about the need of the orphans who have no support to live,
let alone get education or love. I hear from the Maasai people in Kenya that they are having the most difficult year because they have no water anywhere near.

I see right here in my own backyard of Los Angeles California, all the problems and need that people face every day. I hear from all the people I coach and counsel about the obstacles, struggle and pain they deal with on a daily basis.

I see and hear about spiritual struggle, mental and emotional instability, physical sickness and disease, financial hardships, business burdens and relational divisions.

I see and hear and have a choice. I can see and hear and choose to become a part of the problem. I can see and hear and choose to just sit and watch, avoid or go into denial. Or I can see and hear and be a part of the solution. I have the power and privilege to choose to become a victim or to live victoriously. I have a choice to either grumble or have gratitude. I have the power to choose to either complain about how we need a change in this world or to be the change that this world needs and influence those around me.

I see and hear therefore I choose to do my part. With RISE Programs, I have the honor of making a difference in people lives which in turn causes a ripple effect and makes a difference in their careers and homes. I am grateful to be transforming businesses by transforming the employees in that business. Coaching executives, parents, relationships, and organizations to be at their highest potential. I get to educate, equip and empower people all over the world one person at a time.

My name is Richard Martinez with RISE Programs and I see and hear and I am doing my part.