Do you love music? I’m sure you at least like it, and at the minimal I’m sure it’s a part of your life to some degree. As for me music is a big part of my life. Growing up I was exposed to many types of music and for that I am very thankful. Through my love for music I became a dancer. I find that both music and dance (and many other types of Art) promote health and happiness in my life. Dance is a great emotional release along with its physical benefits. It’s a fun exercise that strengthens the emotional fabric of your being. Music can make us feel good but there is so much more to it.

Here are some ways that Music and Sound can benefit your life and how it can promote Healing, Health and Happiness:

Sound/Music Stimulates Brain Functions

1. Music triggers memories and increases memorization skills

How many of you heard a song come on and instantly that song takes into a past memory? Many times you can even feel the same emotions from that memory. Very powerful stuff if you think about it.
Think about how many of us learned our A, B, C’s through singing them. Music can stimulate our capacity to remember something. Therefore a great way to memorize any information is to sing it in song form. Try it!

2. Music triggers brain functions

Studies have found that listening to some Mozart will actually increase your I.Q. Wow! I’m so glad I enjoy Classical music. Not only does it increase your I.Q but it also increases your ability to retain and study. Why? There are a couple reasons:

1. Study’s show that sounds that are in the 3K to 8K range really stimulate the brain (K= Kilohertz). 3k and above come from instruments such as violins, flutes, piccolo which are often used in classical music.

2. On the other end low frequencies can actually dull brain function. Now being a dancer this struck me because it’s the low frequencies that get my body wanting to move! Ha! This doesn’t mean that the hip-hop or dance type music is bad because actually the low frequencies have some positive affect too. The difference is the high frequency affects the brain and the low frequency affects the body.

Sound/Music Stimulates Emotions

3. Music triggers Moods and Releases and/or Fuels Emotions

Music will either change the way you feel or make what you are feeling deeper and stronger. Music is a very powerful tool in our moods and emotions. Music influences moods. We can see how sound and music affects our whole being. They affect our brains, bodies & emotions. It’s so amazing how music can affect us on every level of our consciousness.

The power of sound and music have been used for good and bad but you can clearly see how they can be used to change people, atmospheres and even whole cultures. The Beatles actually did this; they changed the whole mindset with their music.

Sound/Music Stimulates the Spiritual

4. Music Can Trigger the Spiritual

I know from my own experience music has been used many times to lead me into something spiritual. Many religions around the world use some types of instrument during their rituals and worship.

Here is an example from the Bible of how music can trigger something spiritual.
2Kings 3:15-16 “But now bring me a minstrel.” And it came about, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him. And he said, “Thus says the LORD…” He prophesied (spoke amazing truths and insights) after the music came. It has an affect in the natural but does it have an affect in the spiritual? Can a higher key draw people to a holy desperation, or repentance? Can a lower key draw people to begin to worship?

1Sam 16:22-23 “Saul sent to Jesse, saying, “Let David now stand before me, for he has found favor in my sight.” And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.
So it came about whenever the evil spirit came to Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand; and Saul would be refreshed and be well, and the evil spirit would depart from him. Amazing! You can see how Saul was refreshed (emotionally), well (physically) and casted an evil spirit away (Spiritually).

Music/Sound affect and influence our whole being. It stimulates our brains, emotions and our spirit (life energy). What a powerful tool we can begin to use more intentionally especially now that you know more of the power of it.
Learn to utilize sound and music for your benefit. Learn to use it in a way that brings health and happiness into your life and into the life of those around you.
How does sound and music promote Health and Happiness in your life?

Richard Martinez