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Did you know that you don’t have to settle for the routine when it comes to salads? Lettuce doesn’t have to dominate all of the salads you prepare. Neither is store-bought dressing the only choice you have to add flavor to salads. One of the best things you can do to renovate your diet is think outside the box and use colorful ingredients to garnish your salads. Here’s a quick organic recipe which incorporates fruit, nuts, dairy and delicious preservative-free home-made dressing:

Ingredients: (Makes 6 Servings)

¼ Cup chopped and toasted Hazelnuts.

¼ Cup chopped and toasted Walnuts.

2 Tablespoons of chopped Red Onion.

2 Tablespoons of Water.

4 ½ Teaspoons of Balsamic Vinegar.

4 ½ Teaspoons of Sugar.

½ Teaspoon of Sea Salt.

1 Halved Garlic Clove.

1/8 Teaspoon of Paprika.

¼ Cup of Olive Oil.

5 oz. (1 Package) of Spring-Mix Salad Greens.

1 Medium Pear.

½ Cup crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese.

¼ Cup dried Cherries.


1.       Blend the dressing. Using a food processor, combine and mix:

·         The Hazelnuts

·         1 Tablespoon of the Chopped Onions

·         Water

·         Vinegar

·         Sugar

·         Salt

·         Garlic

·         Paprika

Gradually stir in the oil until the ingredients form into a consistent dressing.

2.       Combine the salad greens and remaining onions in a mixing bowl.

3.       Add ½ a cup of the previously blended dressing to the greens, and toss them to coat each leaf.

4.       Slice the pear into thin wedges.

5.       Serve six different portions of the tossed salad on separate plates (Feel free to serve as many, or as few portions as necessary).

6.       Sprinkle and top each serving with the cheese, cherries, walnuts, and sliced pears.

7.       Drizzle the remaining dressing on the salads for added flavor.

One of life’s sweetest pleasures is tasting the delightful crunch of fresh vegetables as you bite down on a leafy salad. And with summer weather starting to warm things up, there’s a good chance that salads are going to take center stage in your daily meals. Remember, you don’t have to settle for all of the cliché options you’re used to. Go ahead and add a little zest to your diet with this adventurous recipe. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative workshops and events listed on our website and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how The RISE Programs Academy for Business Coaching and Leadership Training can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

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Chimichurri sauce is an Argentine condiment typically used to marinate and flavor a variety of dishes. Depending on the ingredients used to prepare it, chimichurri can either come in a green version known as chimichurri verde, or a red version known as chimichurri rojo. Chimichurri’s main herbs and spices give it a savory flavor that especially complements proteins in a delectable way. If you’re looking to add some zest to your menu, here’s a recipe for a Chimichurri Shrimp & Eggplant Skillet that’s sure to add some color to you diet.


2 Cups of White Rice

3 Cups of Diced Fresh Parsley Sprigs

½ Cup of Olive Oil

2 Tablespoons of Lime Juice

2 Halved Garlic Gloves

2 Teaspoons of Red Wine Vinegar

1½ Teaspoons of Ground Cumin

1 Teaspoon of Salt

1 Teaspoon of Dried Oregano

½ Teaspoon of Pepper

1 Pound of Uncooked, Peeled and De-Veined Shrimp

2/3 Cup of Cubed Eggplant

½ Teaspoon of Butter

1 Cup of Chopped Sweet Red Peppers

1 Chopped Medium-Size Onion

1½ Cups of Halved Seedless Red Grapes

·         30-Minute Preparation Time.

·         Recipe Makes 6 Servings.


1.       Set rice to cook in a saucepan or rice-cooker, then proceed to prepare other components of the dish.

2.       Blend the parsley, oregano, olive oil, lime juice, garlic, vinegar, cumin, salt, and pepper into a consistent sauce in a food processor.

3.       On medium heat, sauté the eggplant, red pepper, and onion in a small frying pan with butter for one minute until vegetables are tender.

4.       Sauté the shrimp in a separate large skillet by shallow frying it for three minutes.

5.       Once the shrimp turns pink, add a ¼ cup of the blended parsley sauce, add the sautéed eggplant and stir fry together for one minute.

6.       Once the rice has cooked, add it to the skillet with the shrimp and sauce.

7.       Combine all remaining ingredients with the rice, including the grapes, then gently stir and fry it till the entire dish heats through.

8.       Serve when ready.

Check out more of RISE Programs’ Blogs for helpful advice on healthy living, and remember to spread the word by sharing this post If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative workshops and events listed on our website and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how The RISE Programs Academy for Business Coaching and Leadership Training can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

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On September 9, 2018, the Miss America Organization (MAO) will officially restructure its Miss America competition in a move to eliminate gender bias and stereotyping. To begin with, the Miss America event will be referred to as a competition from now on, as opposed to being a pageant. This longstanding decades-old tradition of pageantry is being done away with because the MAO wants to promote reputable ideals of beauty. The MAO board came to the conclusion that pageantry of the past has been too superficial to be held up as a standard of ideal beauty for American society.

From “beauty pageant”, to “beauty competition” but what is the difference and what does it change?

One thing that is different is that there will no longer be a swimsuit competition aspect to the Miss America event. Although Miss America all started as a swimsuit competition in the first place, the MAO board will now ask contestants to wear what makes them feel confident in order to showcase contestants’ own personal style.

Gretchen Carlson, who is a former Miss America crown-holder, now heads the organization’s board of trustees. Carlson said she isn’t worried about broadcast ratings suffering because most viewers enjoy the talent competition more. They also decided to make changes to the evening wear portion of the competition and will no longer judge contestants according to their clothes. Carlson said, “It’s what comes out of their mouths that we care about. ”

What do you think about these changes? Good or bad?

I believe this is awesome! Why? Because they are promoting beauty as internal and I believe that message is very needed in our world today. Women and young girls today are constantly being brainwashed by advertisements everywhere that project unrealistic beauty standards. Females are bombarded with messaging that encourages them to buy everything under the sun just to look beautiful. I do believe our culture has lost true appreciation for inward beauty, and there is much pressure on both men and women to look a certain way. Truth is that even for those that achieve what’s called “beautiful” today, it’s still difficult to feel truly confident or good enough. It’s impossible to count how many people go from using basic beauty products to extreme cosmetic surgery as time goes by.

Realistically speaking, I think removing the swimsuit competition will have an impact on ratings since that was such an integral part of the competition. But I applause the MAO for making this change. I think this transformation can be used to highlight personality, character, and moral values that transcend body image. I think in time they should also introduce some type of a healthy competition where contestants get points for healthy lifestyle habits.

Another thing this change does is that it opens up the Miss America competition to many more women who are filled with greatness to share with the world. Historically there have been so many women who declined to participate due to the social baggage associated with the swimsuit competition. Now that won’t be an issue. Again, I am in total agreement with the changes and give my applause.

I want to close with a word to all women. You are beautifully and wonderfully created by God. You are filled with goodness, wisdom and love. You are more than enough, and for you, all things are possible. May you realize your true power and value. You are light and goodness to the world around you.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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Health is more than just eating well. Think about this powerful truth: Much of our primary nutrition doesn’t originate from our plates! Below you will find lifestyle suggestions designed to help you live a healthy, happy life.

Eating Habits

·        Avoid cooking with electricity, especially microwave ovens.

·        Use spring water or a good-quality water filter.

·        Chew your food well, chew until it becomes liquid.

Relationship Habits

·        View everything and everyone you meet with gratitude.

·        Do your best to be on good terms with people, especially those you love the most.

Hygiene Habits

·        To increase your circulation, scrub your entire body with a hot, damp washcloth morning and/or night.

·        Avoid chemically perfumed cosmetics.

·        For dental hygiene, use natural toothpastes.

Attitude Habits

·        Give generously.

·        Live each day happily without focusing on your problems. Have an attitude of gratitude

·        Hum or sing a happy song

·        Offer thanks before and after meals.

Meditation and Exercise Habits

·        Daily quiet time – study, pray, meditate; recharge yourself.

·        Include exercise as part of your daily life. Try Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, walking, running, bicycling, rollerblading, swimming, dancing, etc.

Home Habits

·        Keep your home in good order and clean.

·        If possible, include large green plants in every room.

·        Minimize television watching

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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Sugar is so sweet and makes everything taste better, yet it’s so poisonous and addictive. Sugar is in almost everything these days and has more-or-less become a food villain. Even though people like to think of sugar as a harmless seasoning, it’s actually comparable to hard drugs considering that so many who try to cut back on it experience withdrawals. Think about it. When we eat foods with high amounts of sugar, the reward centers of our brains are activated and we feel joy. The thing is that the more we repeat this cycle of consumption, the more we develop a tolerance for it, which in turn requires us to eat more and more just to get that same level of reward and pleasure. Doesn’t this sound like a drug to you? Sugar has the capacity to function exactly how actual drugs like heroin and cocaine do. Just like drugs, sugar is n! ot good for us and does a lot of damage. Below are 20 ways that this sweet-tasting poison destroys our futures.

Sugar can…

1.      Suppress the immune system.

2.      Interfere with absorption of calcium and magnesium.

3.      Weaken eyesight.

4.      Cause hypoglycemia.

5.      Cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children.

6.      Contribute to obesity.

7.      Cause arthritis.

8.      Cause heart disease and emphysema.

9.      Contribute to osteoporosis.

10.  Increase cholesterol.

11.  Lead to both prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

12.  Contribute to diabetes.

13.  Cause cardiovascular disease.

14.  Make our skin age by changing the structure of collagen.

15.  Produce a significant rise in triglycerides.

16.  Increase the body’s fluid retention.

17.  Cause headaches, including migraines.

18.  Cause depression.

19.  Contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

20.  Cause your energy levels to quickly rise and quickly crash

Adapted from 146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D

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Tomatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables in the world… or fruit if you want to be picky about it. They look so delicious that they garnish a countless assortment of dishes. Not only do they look good, but they also blend well across a variety of culinary textures and flavors. For instance tomatoes can be sliced into sandwiches, diced into salads, stewed into soups, or even pureed into sauces. Whether you eat them as part of a hearty meal, or nibble on them as a quick snack, you can’t go wrong with this delectable little treat. Here’s a quick recipe for Marinated Tomatoes that anyone can prepare on-the-go:


3 Large Tomatoes

1/3 Cup Olive Oil

¼ Cup Red Wine Vinegar

1 Teaspoon of Salt (Optional)

¼ Teaspoon of Pepper

½ a Garlic Clove (Minced)

2 Tablespoons of Chopped Onion

1 Tablespoon of Minced Fresh Parsley

1 Tablespoon of Minced Fresh Basil

• 10-Minute Preparation Time.

• Recipe Makes 8 Servings.


1. Cut the tomatoes into thick slices.

2. Arrange the tomato slices into a large shallow dish. The dish should be deep enough for them to be drenched.

3. In a separate container, combine and stir all the other ingredients until they’re mixed together.

4. Pour the oil mixture into the dish with the tomato slices and gently turn them to make sure they get immersed in the oil.

5. Cover the dish and refrigerate the tomatoes for at least two hours.

6. Serve when ready.

Tomatoes aren’t just delicious, they’re also packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals. For example: tomatoes stabilize blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, contribute to bone health, contain insoluble fibers and provide numerous other health benefits. You can enjoy this Marinated Tomato recipe on its own as a snack, or use it to complement any other dish of your choice. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative workshops and events listed on our website and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how RISE Programs can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.


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We all know the feeling. It’s the end of the day and for some strange reason that pounding headache just won’t go away. You’ve tried everything to find relief but it still feels like a suitcase is weighing on your head. To make matters worse, someone may as well be shoveling sand into your eyes considering how much you need to rub them. These symptoms are all too familiar to many people these days, and unfortunately, they often have a root cause which easily goes unnoticed. That is, eye strain.

Eye strain is a series of symptoms which afflict people who exert their vision excessively. Symptoms of eye strain include: blurred vision, redness, headache, and irritation that feels like dryness. It’s easy for people to ignore eye strain because its indications are usually subtle. However, pushing through signs of physical discomfort is an unhealthy habit because when symptoms are left untreated, injuries can occur. Moreover because of how much we use screen-technology today, people are generally more susceptible to eye strain given that we expose our eyes repeatedly to electronic displays and rapid imagery. Here are five common-sense techniques to prevent and eliminate eye strain before it becomes problematic:

1. Visit an Optician:

If you ever happen to experience discomfort with your sight that causes any concern, your fist step should always be to consult professional medical help in order to treat the problem. Visiting an eye-doctor, especially when symptoms are still early, can prevent any unknown disorders from deteriorating into serious conditions.

2. Rest your Eyes:

The underlying cause of a majority of eye-strain cases is fatigue. Much like every other muscle system in our bodies, once eye-muscles become exhausted they need rest to heal and rejuvenate. Eye muscles are resilient, but they aren’t indestructible. A healthy dose of sleep is necessary to relax our eyes and the complex tissues that facilitate sight. Additionally, don’t use screen-technology for extended periods of time without taking breaks to look at natural objects in natural light.

3. Stretch your Eye Muscles:

Busy schedules may not always allow for a good-night’s sleep, but that doesn’t mean that people are powerless to find ways of relaxing eye-muscles. Stretching for instance is an effective way to relieve strain by loosening muscle-tension. At regular intervals of the day, make sure to take a brief moment and gently stretch your eye muscles specifically so as to eliminate rigidity that would otherwise turn into fatigue.

4. Don’t Sleep With Makeup or Contact Lenses On:

People who wear cosmetics or contact lenses routinely have foreign bodies in direct contact with their eyeballs. In the short-term this contact has no significant effect. However if such interaction is allowed to happen over a long period of time, it can end up irritating or even perforating the surface of an eyeball. This is why it’s important to always make sure that your eyes are clean if you either wear makeup or use contact lenses. Never fall asleep with contact lenses on.

5. Take your Vitamins:

Rest and relaxation are the most effective behavioral ways to remedy eye strain. Beyond changing our activities, healthy nutrition is also a good approach towards preventing or treating strain. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals supplies our eye muscles with nutrients that are essential for healing and metabolism. A wholesome diet keeps eyes lubricated and strong.

Learn to always listen to your body whenever symptoms of strain or pain manifest. Even when discomfort is slight, taking some time to investigate if it has a root cause reduces the odds of experiencing injury or infection in future. Check out more of RISE Programs’ Blogs for helpful advice on healthy living, and remember to spread the word by sharing this post.

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The five senses are the most powerful components of human physiology. This is because they are the main channels through which we not only experience life, but survive it as well. For example, if someone can’t feel anything because of numbness, it’s much easier to suffer injuries from accidental cuts and burns. Likewise if someone can’t see anything because of blindness, it becomes much easier to suffer injury from falls or collisions. All the phenomena we endure by way of touch, sight, taste, hearing, or smell, has a direct link both to our emotional state, and overall physical health. This link between our senses and our health is the guiding principle behind the different approaches of alternative medicine, such as aromatherapy.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that relies on herbs and essential oils for medical treatment and therapeutic practices. In particular, aromatherapy focuses on the process of absorption through smell. Whereas conventional medicine recommends ingestion of medication in order to nurse ailments, aromatherapy recommends olfaction as the primary way to stimulate and reinforce immunity. There are several ways in which the body can be healed and strengthened by engaging the sense of smell. This is why healers from both conventional and alternative medicine have used aromatherapy as a method of treatment for years.

It’s All about Nature

The foundation of aromatherapy is embrace and use of the organic. In order to obtain the strongest benefit from olfactory processes, practitioners of aromatherapy assemble the purest possible ingredients in their remedies. All aromatherapy treatments involve reduction of natural plant life to concentrated balms typically referred to as essential oils. Depending on the combination of plants used to produce essential oils, the fragrances they contain can either stimulate, soothe or rehabilitate. Imagine how good it feels to smell a fresh pot of coffee early in the morning. Or how sublime it feels to take in the perfume from a bouquet of roses. Every seed and every plant in nature contains molecules that trigger a host of such responses from our bodies when inhaled. Aromatherapy is all about isolating these molecules and using them as ingredients to ! invigorate the mind and body.

It’s time to Refresh

One of the most popular aromatherapy treatments practiced is detoxification. Not only can detoxing through aromatherapy help flush chemical toxins from the body, it can also eliminate toxic thoughts and emotions. Aromatherapy detox is a revitalizing technique which is hassle-free and low-maintenance. Moreover, there’s a wide variety of treatment options beyond simple inhalation to help detox. Detoxifying essential oils can also be combined in cosmetics, perfumes, massages, and even oral supplements. It all depends on your preference of how to make use of the oils. If you’re interested in pursuing an aromatherapy detox, here is a list of essential oils that are key:


1.       Fennel Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from crushed seeds of the Foeniculum vulgare plant species. Its fragrance induces feelings of equilibrium and stability.

2.       Juniper Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from ground berries and needles of the Juniperus osteosperma plant species. Its fragrance induces feelings of calm.

3.       Carrot Seed Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from ground seeds of the Daucus carota plant species. Its fragrance is sweet and rustic.

4.       Celery Seed Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from ground seeds of the Apium graveolens plant species. Its spicy, sweet, warm fragrance induces feelings of calm.

5.       Lemon Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from cold-pressed rinds of the Citrus limon plant species. Its tropical fragrance induces feelings of tranquility.

6.       Tea Tree Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from ground leaves and needles of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant species. Its antiseptic properties make it a good cleansing agent.

7.       Grapefruit Essential Oil: This oil is extracted from cold-pressed rinds of the Citrus paradise plant species. Its tropical, warm fragrance induces feelings of joy.


For more information on how to take advantage of the healing properties in these, and many more essential oils, visit If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the various informative workshops and events listed on our website and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how RISE Programs can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

Disclaimer: RISE Programs strongly recommends that you consult with a physician before pursuing any kind of medical treatment. RISE Programs is not a licensed medical care provider, and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific treatment on a medical condition. DO NOT disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of information you received through RISE Programs content. All RISE Programs multimedia content, including text, graphics, images, audio and video, is for general information purposes only.


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Heart disease is an epidemic – and a serious one at that. Did you know that someone has a heart attack in the United States every 40 seconds? This is according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which estimates that one in every four deaths in America are prompted by heart disease. To make matters worse, heart disease is a dilemma that afflicts the entire world in equal measure. The world Health Organization (WHO) estimates that heart disease and stroke have been the leading cause of death internationally for the past 15 years, claiming tens of millions of lives every year. Heart disease kills more people than any other illness or health-related complication, including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

These grim statistics are the very reason why the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), the American Heart Association (AHA) and a coalition of other sympathetic organizations founded the Go Red for Women awareness campaign. The Go Red for Women campaign adopts the red dress as a national symbol for women who fall victim to heart diseases. AHA research conducted in 2004 discovered that women in the United States are particularly vulnerable to heart disease and stroke. In fact, up to 500,000 women die from heart disease in the US every year, yet the common perception is that older men suffer the most heart attacks.

Thanks to the Go Red for Women campaign, millions of women have learnt about their own susceptibility to heart disease and taken steps to prevent the chances of suffering cardiovascular complications. RISE Programs is a proud supporter of the AHA, and the Go Red for Women campaign. We invite all of our followers and affiliates to dress in red this February and actively participate in women’s health awareness. A good way to start is to consult a physician for a routine check-up and ask about your risk factors for heart disease. You can also learn more about healthy living from RISE Programs’ various coaching resources. If you like what you just read from our blog, you’ll love the informative workshops and events listed on our website and social media. Whether you’re interested in personal development, or overall improvement of your business, give us a call at 1 (888) 823-7757 to find out how RISE Programs can help you break past your daily struggles and start soaring in success.

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It’s the holidays and for most, that means eating, lots of eating. It’s no wonder that one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is losing weight. Going ham over the holidays is bound to pack on a few extra pounds! Why not take a healthier approach to what we eat during this holiday season and beyond? Below are a few healthier choice recipes to try during this holiday season.


Maple Glazed Carrots

3 or 4 carrots

1/2 cup water

2 tablespoons maple syrup

1 tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

pinch of salt and pepper

1. Peel and slice the carrots into rounds.

2. Place them in a skillet with the water. Cover and cook for 6 to 7 minutes until soft.

3. Add the maple syrup, butter and vinegar. Sauté uncovered for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring.

4. Season with salt and pepper.


Apple and Pear Cobbler


¼ cup sorghum flour

¼ cup tapioca flour

¼ cup potato starch

¼ cup almond flour

1 teaspoon fine salt (or sea salt or kosher salt should be ground fine)

4 tablespoons sugar

½ teaspoon cardamom

¼ teaspoon cloves, ground

¼ cup sour cream

3 tablespoons chilled, unsalted butter, cut into pieces

Combine gluten-free flours and potato starch, sugar, cloves, cardamom, and salt. Add butter and cut in until mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. Add sour cream and blend until dough begins to come together. Do not form ball.

Place the completed dough between two sheets of plastic wrap or parchment paper. Form a large ball of dough between the sheets, and then gently flatten into a square. Refrigerate while you prepare the filling.


2 pounds crisp, fresh apples

2 pounds Bartlett pears

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

¾ cup sugar

¼ teaspoon cloves, ground

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 375°

Transfer fruit slices to a pie dish or a 9” baking dish. Combine lemon juice and vanilla in small bowl. Pour over apples and toss to coat. Combine 3/4 cup sugar, flour, and cloves in small bowl. Sprinkle over fruit and toss to coat. Rearrange fruit to make compact and wipe rim of dish clean. Place dough atop fruit and gently tuck edges under at 3-inch intervals. Sprinkle with remaining 2 teaspoons sugar. Sprinkle 1/4 cup sliced almonds over top. Bake for 35-40 minutes. The cobbler is done when

the topping is golden brown and the fruit bubbles around the edge of the pan.


Macaroni and Cheese

This recipe is more involved than the other recipes, so be sure to have someone to help you!

8 ounces macaroni

3 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons whole-wheat flour

1 teaspoon dry mustard

3-1/2 cups milk or soymilk

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon white pepper

3/4 cup whole-wheat bread crumbs

1/2 teaspoon oregano

1/2 teaspoon basil

1/2 teaspoon olive oil

1-1/2 cups grated raw cheddar cheese

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. In a large pot of boiling water, cook the macaroni according to package directions.

3. Rinse under cold water and set aside.

4. Melt the butter in a large saucepan, add the flour and mustard and cook over low heat for 2

to 3 minutes, stirring continuously.

5. Add milk slowly while whisking to remove any lumps.

6. Remove from the heat and add cheese. Add the salt, pepper and macaroni, stir to

combine and pour into a greased baking dish.

7. In a bowl, mix together the bread crumbs, herbs and oil. Sprinkle over the macaroni and cheese.

8. Bake for 20 minutes, until lightly browned.



1-1/2 cups carob semisweet chips

2 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed

4 eggs

2/3 cup agave nectar or 1-1/4 cup date sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1. In a small bowl, melt carob chips in microwave for 2 minutes. Or place carob chips in a heat-resistant bowl on top of a boiling pot of water until melted.

2. In blender or food processor, combine chickpeas and eggs.

3. Add sweetener, baking powder and melted chips; process until smooth.

4. Pour batter into an approximately 9-inch nonstick pan.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

6. Allow to cool; cut and serve.

These are surprisingly delicious, and nobody will be able to guess that they’re made from chickpeas!


Richard Martinez

Intl. Transformation Expert

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